Paramotor flying is the closest you’ll ever get to flying “au natural”, without structures to enclose you like in a plane, and with the ability to fly as low as a few inches from the ground, all the way up to several thousand feet (pending on type of equipment and instruction).

This sport was invented in the late 70’s as a response fom European mountain climbers to accelerate their descent once summit was achieved. It started with the paraglider, similar to a parachute but with a design that allowed for “some” directional control, commonly referred as “wing”

Later, it evolved to a motorized version which remains up to date in its current form. A 2-stroke motor strapped to the back and which gives power to a 50″ propeller that in turn, pushes you forward. The upward pull from the paraglider (wing) and the forward momentum of the motor, will allow the pilot to launch up almost from anywhere.

imageslaunch imagesair}


It is one of the safest forms of flying, so, come join us.

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