Dreaming Big !

With this entry I renew my commitment to my passion: flying!

You will read here my progress towards achieving my goals: website setup, flying club legal paperwork, sponsorship & promotion, calendar of events, and of course, my own flying experiences.

So, here I go ….


About FlyMexico

Engineer by profession, pilot by addiction! Supporting the flying community in Mexico.
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3 Responses to Dreaming Big !

  1. Jaime Hgo says:

    Great info and tip..
    check your stuff before and after use..


  2. Jon Anfinson says:

    Lookin Good Jorge!! I like that fact that you are following your true desires and it is evident that this is where your passion is. Never let go of that my friend. It is what guides you to greatness!


  3. Nice picture George, if you ever come to Yucatán, feel free to send us your pictures for our website. 😉


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