Actualización 2017 – Redes Sociales

Como todos saben, la evolución tecnológica nos ha llevado de la “programación” de páginas web (carga de fotos, formato de pantallas, etc.) a los medio masivos de comunicación (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.) y plataformas móviles (Smartphones y Tablets), siendo cada día más fácil sacar una foto y “subirla” a la red, que sentarse a crear blogs y pantallas especiales.

Por ello, he decidido dejar de actualizar esta página web y redireccionarlos al grupo “Paramotor Mexico” dentro de Facebook, donde la mayoría de nosotros hacemos uso diario del mismo.

Por favor, usen la siguiente direccion para accesarlo:

Grupo Paramotor Mexico Facebook

Saludos y buenos vuelos!


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Work continues…

Today was learning day, teaching myself how to design a website. Amazing how the Internet has evolved from the old days of the web page editor to the new customizable templates from so many sources! A true feat in itself just to get a “comprehensive” design / layout for all the things I should include. Will continue reading, editing and trying, so excuse my typos here and there, remember… sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

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Technology fits in

Good morning. Today’s post is about the use of technology, specifically the Bodelin USB HR Microscope, to check upon 2 critical items in our sport:

1) Gum buildup on the carburator – As you know, 2-stroke motors run on a mix of gasoline and mineral oil, which after some time, tends to build on the piston head and can affect both performance and damage the piston chamber. The microscope has allowed me to check upon it and take care of it in a way to ensure a proper (smooth) operation of the motor.

IMG_3427  pic0002

2) Seams and porosity of our wings – It is also helpful to check every so often on the seams on the wing and the lines to ensure a good condition of the equipment, mostly after some ground handling or rough landing when lines tend to get tangled.

pic0021 pic0022 pic0028

Below is a picture of the set I use. I think it is a great tool to better understand the beahavior of our equipment components or how forced deterioration affects them.


I hope this helps to better understand how to take care of your equipment, at the end, it is you hanging up there from it.

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Dreaming Big !

With this entry I renew my commitment to my passion: flying!

You will read here my progress towards achieving my goals: website setup, flying club legal paperwork, sponsorship & promotion, calendar of events, and of course, my own flying experiences.

So, here I go ….


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